Our website hosting service is beginning to decomission older technology components.    While it will take some time to complete this process, now is the perfect time to begin the transition to newer more secure technologies.    The Quantico Rod and Gun Club provides web services for a number of functions to support it's members, NREA, and the general public.    Many of the functions were previously entangled within the QRGC website.     The table below lists these functions and shows the tentative plan for future support:

QRGC Website www.qrgc.org This website is a temporary placeholder. It provides some very basic information. If you had a log-in on the old QRGC website   it will not work here. After the suspension of operations is over and the club is reconstituted, we will reevaluate the clubs needs   develop a web site to support those requirements.
QRGC Forums www.qrgc-forums.org These forums are open to the public. Anyone with an interest in the recreational use of MCB Quantico can register   on the forum and post information. The purpose of the forums are to allow Rod and Gun Club members and others interested in   base recreational opportunities to converse and support each other.
TA and Gate Status TBD This function supported NREA allowing them to post Training Area and Gate Status to the web.  Quantico Hunters could then query the web to find out what Training Areas and Gates were open prior to calling into to the Hunter Tracking System (HTS) to schedule a hunt.  This allieviates some of the load from the phone system since hunters can schedule training areas quicker when they know the shcedule prior to calling in.

This functions was previously performed by the QRGC Web site..  NREA is currently considering whether this function is required in the future.  Their needs will drive approach.
Hunter Education Administration www.dgif.virginia.gov/hunting/education/ In the past, the QRGC Website allowed users to register for Virginia Hunter Education Classes jointly sponsored by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) and the Natural Resourses and Environmental Affairs branch at Quantico and conducted at the clubhouse.  Since the clubhouse has been off-limits, the conference room at Liversedge BHB on mainside has been identified as the primary location for Hunter Education classes.  In additon, VDGIF has established a new single day format starting in 2013 and has provided a state wide web service to allow participants to register for classes.  The only Hunter Education related function that was provided by the QRGC website and is still required is instructor collaboration. 
NREA Hunter Survey TBD NREA decided to implement a survey of Quantico hunters.  A seperate website was created to support his.  This site will need to be reconstructed  with newer technology but can wait until the next survey is conceived.
NREA Rod & Gun Club Scheduling TBD Prior to the suspension of QRGC activities, the club signed a license agreement with Quantico MCB that granted it non-exclusive use of the clubhouse.  Responsibility for the clubhouse and necessary maintenance was transfered to NREA.  The QRGC web site was modified to provide a scheduling function that NREA could use to allow other organizations to request use of the facility.  NREA will be consulted as to the need for this function after the clubhouse comes back on-line.